B Sound Tic Tac Toe Game

You can choose to play 2 player or against the computer. If playing 2 player, decide who will be naughts and who will be crosses. The game will show who’s turn it is under the word ‘turn’. To place your game piece you simply click on the speech picture in your chosen space. Be sure to practice your speech words as you play! The first to get 3 of their pieces in a row, wins. A new game will automatically begin after someone wins so you can keep playing. The wins will show as points in the yellow band above the board. You can reset the game at any time using the bottom referesh button. Use the black arrows to change the sound position of the targets. The targeted sound position will change without resetting the game pieces.

Mixed group idea! We have this game for many other targets! You could open the game windows in multiple tabs and have your students take turns trying to score the most points. 

Some elements use in this game are fromĀ www.freepik.com