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Back To School Themed Digital Cariboo for Speech Teletherapy and iPad

The most coveted game in the SLP universe is Back to School-themed and digital! It’s even EDITABLE! Introducing our Back To School Themed Digital Cariboo for Speech Teletherapy and iPad. Your students are going to have so much fun playing this interactive game! You can use this game in teletherapy on a computer, on a smartboard or on your iPad! This PowerPoint game is formatted to be editable so you can add your own targets on the game flaps! Alternatively, you can play open-ended using the School-themed clipart that comes already in the game.

Cariboo Covers (1)

We have made this editable so you can add any target you like! We have included a template for picture targets and another for written targets/questions. We have also provided a bunch of digital picture cards you can add to this digital Cariboo game. 

Back To School Themed Digital Cariboo for Speech Teletherapy and iPad

How Game Play Works:
  1. The players hit the ‘add ball’ button 6 times. Every time they hit it, a new ball will fly in and go down the shoot into the game. You will even hear it roll down the game box! I have formatted this game so you can ensure the balls go into different areas each time you play. This game has balls with images of crayons on them. These represent the crayons that are collected to fill the box on the right. 
  2. Players then take turns choosing a flap to lift up and look under (your targets will be on these flaps if you have edited the game). When the flap is clicked a purple key will fly in and unlock the flap so it can flip up to reveal what’s underneath.
  3. If there is a ball hidden under your chosen flap the player can click it and watch as the ball flies down the shoot. 
  4. Now press one of the numbered ball buttons so you can keep track of how many balls you have found.
  5. It’s now the next player’s turn!
  6. Once all the balls have been found (and thus all the crayons have been found) the box will fill up and a crayons show will show up on the screen.

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Back to school Cariboo Static Pin

Important Information!

Teletherapists & Computer Users

You will need to open this game in the desktop version of PowerPoint (2016 or newer). We can NOT guarantee this will work in the browser-based web app version of PowerPoint on a computer. This game works in PowerPoint for Mac and Windows. 

iPad Users

This game can be used on an iPad but first you need to edit it on your computer. Once you have added your targets you can send the file to your iPad and open it in the iPad app version of PowerPoint. A tutorial is included that shows you how to do this. 


This is a digital, no print, PowerPoint games! It work interactively on your device. Please read the information provided above regarding which software you will need to use this game. We have provided links to tutorial videos in the downloads. You can also find the tutorial videos linked below. 

Digital Back to School Cariboo

Click the download button/s to start the download. Our resources are jam-packed with goodness and sometimes that means the download may take a few moments longer than you expected. Please be patient, these activities are worth the wait! Once downloaded, the files will likely save to your downloads folder on your computer. Be sure to remove them from the folder they were downloaded in and save them somewhere easy to access on your computer. Don’t forget to watch the tutorial video provided with the download so you get the most out of these fun and engaging resources! 

This is the game file.

These are square photo cards you may like to add to the editable parts of the game. They are stored in google drive and organised into folders based on the target words shown.

Tutorial Video

We want you to feel confident using our materials, so we provide detailed tutorial videos with every download. Click the buttons below to learn more about setting up and using this material. In some of our tutorial videos, we show this activity available on Teachers Pay Teachers, but if you are a Simply Speaking Club member, you don’t need to access these on TPT, you can download the materials right from this page. 

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