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Digital Speech Therapy Materials

Beach Chance Card Online Board Game for Speech Therapy

This Beach Game Chance Cards Online Board Game includes 3 playing styles. One style is set up to encourage 100+ speech trials, another is set up to challenge social play skills, and the other is open-ended.

For the open-ended and speech styles, I like to split-screen with digital flashcards, an articulation spinner or any digital speech card decks

How to play: 

  • Click the dice to roll it.
  • Players click and drag the colored game tokens as they move around the board.
  • Some of the spaces will generate a chance card to pop up. Close the card using the x and do what it says before the next turn.
  • If a chance card requires a player to move a token, click the ‘chance card movement’ button before you move the token. This button turns off the chance cards being activated while the players move their token/s. Be sure to click the movement button again before the next player has their turn.  
  • To reset the game just refresh this webpage.

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