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Candy Themed Online Board Game for Speech Therapy

This Candy Themed Online Board Game for Speech Therapy is inspired by a crowd favorite you probably have in your games cupboard. Below you will find the game board and also a link to the digital deck of cards that goes with this game. 

This is an open-ended game. I like to pair this type of game with digital flashcards, an articulation spinner or any digital speech card decks.

How to Play

  • The aim of the game: Be the first player to reach the Candy Castle by landing on the multi-colored rainbow space at the end of the path.
  • Set Up: The digital game board is below. Choose a gingerbread counter for each player and drag them to the starting space. Click the ‘cards’ button to open the deck of cards in another tab. Alternatively, you can open the deck of cards on another device by using this link: www.bit.ly/candycards
  • Players take turns drawing cards from the digital deck and then moving their gingerbread man to the corresponding space.
  • If you draw a card with one color block, move your pawn forward toward the end to the first matching color space on the path.
  • If you draw a cord with two color blocks, move your pawn forward toward the end to the second matching color space on the path.
  • When you draw a treat picture card, move your pawn forward or backward on the path to the pink picture space on the board that matches the picture on your card. For example, if you draw a donut move your pawn to the pink space on the board that shows the donut.
  • If you land on a square with the crossed candy pops on it, you miss a turn.  
  • To reset the game just refresh this webpage.
Special Optional Rule for Younger Players
  • Picture cards can only send players forward. They never send players back.
  • If you draw a picture card that would send you back along the path, ignore it and draw a new card.
Special Optional Rule for Older Players
  • Once you’ve mastered the classic game, try this more challenging version. On each turn, draw TWO cards. Look at each card and choose which one you want to play.
  • To play this way you will need to use this digital deck of cards

Candy Game

Access Password Required

This game is password protected.

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  • If you are a paying member of the Simply Speaking Club you can click here to see the game access password. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE YOUR LOG IN PASSWORD!
  • If you gained access to this content outside of this membership site, your password will be in the download you used to get here.

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