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Digital Speech Therapy Materials

Digital Language Task Cards for Speech Therapy

Stop printing, cutting and laminating language task cards! This digital interactive PDF works great on computers and iPads! These Digital Language Task Cards for Speech Therapy are also great for teletherapy or use on a smartboard if you project them form your computer. The document includes over 380 digital task cards with interactive components such as text fields and checkboxes. The cards show photos, making them great for all ages!

No Print Interactive Language Cards for Speech Therapy on iPad or Teletherapy

Added Extra

I have also included an editable interactive PDF that you can add your own images too. There are 20 blank interactive cards for each of the targeted areas.

Static Pin No Print Interactive Language Cards for Speech Therapy on iPad or Teletherapy


Areas Targeted With Photos:
  • Talking About Pictures – Who questions and inference
  • Emotions
  • Irregular Plurals
  • Early Verbs – 1) What are they doing? 2) Verb Tense
  • Irregular Verbs
  • Associations
  • Categories – 1) Which category? 2) These are all…
  • Describing
  • Compare and Contrast

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Important Information!

Computer Users

You will need adobe acrobat reader on your computer to use this download as intended. It is free and you can find it here. Please make sure you remove the PDF from the folder it is downloaded in and then open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

iPad Users

 For best results open this in Apple Books (free) on your iPad. Make sure it is up to date! If apple books doesn’t work well for you, you can use xodo, find it here. Xodo is also free. IF you also want to use the editable set of cards on your iPad, you will need to add the graphics on your computer THEN send the PDF to your iPad.

Teletherapy Use

To use this PDF in teletherapy you need to open it in adobe acrobat reader (linked above) on your computer and then share your screen within your teletherapy platform. Then IF your platform allows it you can share mouse controls so the student can interact with the PDF. This step is NOT essential, you can still use this in a fun engaging way without giving mouse controls, you can just interact with the PDF for the student. In this situation I have the student tell me what to choose and when to do certain things in the game. It helps them maintain a sense of control and participation. 


Click the download button to start the download. Our resources are jam-packed with goodness and sometimes that means the download may take a few moments longer than you expected. Please be patient, these activities are worth the wait! Once downloaded, the files will likely save to your downloads folder on your computer. Be sure to remove them from the folder they were downloaded in and save them somewhere easy to access on your computer. Don’t forget to watch the tutorial video provided with the download so you get the most out of these fun and engaging resources! 


We want you to feel confident using our materials, so we provide detailed tutorial videos with every download. Watch the video below to learn more about setting up and using this material. In some of our tutorial videos, we show this activity available on Teachers Pay Teachers, but if you are a Simply Speaking SLP Club member, you don’t need to access these on TPT, you can download the materials right from this page. 

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