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Digital Speech Therapy Materials

Digital Sticker Book for Speech Therapy

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This game is password protected.

  • If your SLP or teacher shared this link with you then they would have also given you the password. Put it in below.
  • If you are a paying member of the Simply Speaking Club you can click here to see the game access password. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE YOUR LOG IN PASSWORD!
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For best results use a device connected to the internet.

Webpage Ebook Above:

1.Use your mouse or finger to drag and swipe the pages. Or click the arrows. 
2.Click on the sticker you want, and the sticker image will open in a browser tab.  Then see the final step below.

PDF Version

1.Open the document in your PDF reader of choice.
2.Scroll to see the different pages, or swipe if using an app with that feature.
3.Tap/click on the sticker you would like to download. This will open the image in a web browser tab. Then see the final step below.

PowerPoint Version:

1.Enter present mode
2.Use your arrow keys or click your mouse to navigate through the slides.
3.Click on the sticker you want, and the sticker image will open in a browser tab. Then see the final step below.

Final Step for All Versions:

Save the image to your device as you would normally save an image. On some devices, you may be able to copy the image and paste it elsewhere. 

An alternative method for offline use:

On a computer: Open the PowerPoint in edit mode and right-click on a sticker. You can then hit ‘save as image’.

On an iPad: Add the PDF to your apple books or PDF reader of choice. Then save the sticker image files to your camera roll while on wifi. Then when offline you can use the PDF to allow the child to choose their sticker then get the sticker from your camera roll.


You can only use these images for your own personal use with your caseload. Please do not share these images with other professionals. If others would like a copy of this resource, they need to purchase their own access.


This resource was made with the intention of being used interactively with students in sessions like you would a paper sticker book. Here are a few ideas of how they could be used.

  • Have the child choose a sticker to add to their it to digital work as a reward.
  • Create a digital sticker chart.
  • Create a document for the child to collect their stickers from each session and give it to them at the end of their time with you.
  • Work on describing to have the child describe which sticker they want.
  • Insert them into a blank document and have the child make a picture.
  • Work on prepositions in a blank document by inserting the stickers and talking about where they are in relation to each other.

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