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Editable Book Companion For Speech Therapy

Do you want to quickly create book companions for all your favorite books? Well now you can with this Editable Book Companion for Speech Therapy! Just add relevant information from ANY book on the first 3 pages and watch as the PDF AUTO-FILLS to create a 93-page interactive book companion document that covers 12 different areas of speech and language. The resulting document can be printed or used on an iPad or computer! The digital version is fully interactive with fillable text fields and tick boxes. Both face-to-face therapists and teletherpists will be able to use this document! For those of you who want to print the book companions, I have included an ink-friendly version of the PDF.

Editable Book Companion for Any Book : No Print & Printable : Speech & Language

Each activity has multiple options to suit your student’s needs, for example, you can upload images for those students who need a more visual representation for sequencing, story retell and describing activities. I like to take photos of the book pages and upload them into this document. Or, if you are using an ebook, you could use screenshots.

Editable Book Companion for Any Book : No Print & Printable : Speech & Language


This document includes links to in-depth tutorial videos for those who want to print and for those who want to use the document on an iPad or computer. You can also watch these tutorials before you buy! They are linked below. Have fun creating unlimited book companions for your use in therapy!

  • Sequencing
  • Story Retell
  • Story Elements
  • Blanks Levels of Questioning
  • Wh Questions
  • Inference
  • Describing
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Vocabulary
  • Verb Tense – irregular and regular
  • Making Sentences
  • Speech Sounds/Articulation

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Important Information!

  • You will need adobe acrobat reader on your computer to use this download as intended. It is free and you can find it here.
  • For those who will use this on an iPad – please make sure you have the most up to date version of the apple books app on your iPad – it’s free and comes with all iPad.  BUT before you use this on your iPad you need to edit it on your computer!
  • This is NOT a no-prep document. It will take you 15-30 minutes to input all the book-related info. BUT once you have added the info, and saved the document, you now have a no-prep companion for that book FOREVER! Even the printable version is print and go!
  • This document will accept .png and .jpg files. Unfortunately, it won’t accept .jpeg files. This is a limitation of adobe reader and outside of out control. This software will help you convert your images if needed. I am not affiliated with this software and I don’t endorse it. I just wanted to share it in case it’s helpful.


Click the download button to start the download. Our resources are jam-packed with goodness and sometimes that means the download may take a few moments longer than you expected. Please be patient, these activities are worth the wait! Once downloaded, the files will likely save to your downloads folder on your computer. Be sure to remove them from the folder they were downloaded in and save them somewhere easy to access on your computer. Don’t forget to watch the tutorial video provided with the download so you get the most out of these fun and engaging resources! 

Tutorial Videos

We want you to feel confident using our materials, so we provide detailed tutorial videos with every download. Click the buttons below to learn more about setting up and using this material. In some of our tutorial videos, we show this activity available on Teachers Pay Teachers, but if you are a Simply Speaking SLP Club member, you don’t need to access these on TPT, you can download the materials right from this page. 

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