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Fall Llama Themed Speech Trial Counter Game

Check out our Fall Llama Themed Speech Trial Counter Game! An interactive way to get in up to 300 speech trials!

Are you looking for an exciting and engaging way to encourage speech trials with your young learners? Look no further! Allow us to introduce you to this Fall Llaama Speech Trial Counter game, a delightful online activity designed to make speech therapy sessions both productive and fun.

Speech Trials Counter: Click the number buttons to keep track of your speech trials. Alternatively, you can click the ‘quick ten’ button to record 10 productions. The trial counter in the bottom right corner helps both the therapist and the child monitor their progress.

Curtain Up: Every ten trials, a special “Curtain Up” button will appear. Click it to raise the curtain and unveil a charming surprise hidden behind it. And what’s hiding there, you ask? Adorable llamas dressed in delightful fall outfits!

Llama Delight: After unveiling the curtain five times (which totals 50 speech trials), a full Fall Llama in their cozy autumn attire will be revealed! Each Fall Llama brings with it 50 additional speech trials, making the journey both fun and productive.

More Llamas Await: The excitement doesn’t stop at one Llama. There are a total of six unique Fall Llamas to discover, each offering 50 speech trials. That’s a grand total of 300 speech productions waiting to be unlocked! Once you have revealed all the Llama’s the game can be reset by hitting the button in the top left corner. When that button is hit the trial counter will also be reset, along with the rest of the game’s components. 

Pair It with a Game: While “Fall Llama Speech Trial Counter” can be used on its own, it pairs wonderfully with a fun-themed online game displayed on a split screen. This combination keeps the sessions dynamic and engaging, ensuring your students are eager to participate.

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