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Frequently Asked Questions


Use these Frequently asked Questions to answer your questions. Still need assistance? Contact us.

Over several years the Simply Speaking brand has grown considerably and now consists of 3 separate websites.

In 2017 we initially started out with a store on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and then expanded to also having a blog at simplyspeakingslt.com.

Our digital resources became very popular and are now used by SLPs all over the world. We started receiving 100s of requests for a membership subscription. SLPs wanted a cost-effective way to have access to all our digital resources. This is how the Simply Speaking Club (previously the Simply Digital SLP Club) was born!

This is the website you’re on now, and where we store digital materials for our paid Simply Speaking Club members.

Having multiple websites may be a little confusing at first. But it is the easiest and most convenient way for club members to get quick access to 100s of digital resources.

Getting the resources is easy!

First you need to purchase a yearly membership to the website.

Once payment has been completed you will receive login details. (Check your SPAM/Junk Folders)

Login to the website www.simplyspeakingclub.com

Make sure you have the correct software on your computer. Most of our downloads are PowerPoint files or PDF files. For our PowerPoint Files you will need PowerPoint 2016 or newer on your computer. For our PDFs we recommend you use need ADOBE Reader DC. Adobe reader is free and can be downloaded here.

You can then start downloading! You get instant access to the files, there’s no waiting for links to arrive in emails!

If you work in a school, we recommend that you download resources onto your personal computer, as school servers sometimes block resource sites like ours. Once downloaded you can email the file to yourself at school.

Please note if you’re using a tablet or smartphone or other mobile device you will need to install the correct software onto that device for the files to work properly. Just like you would on your computer. More information can be found on the download pages regarding this.

Unlike many other subscriptions, we offer hundreds of digital downloads. This means you download them to your device and thus own them forever, no matter how long you subscribe. This is why we don’t offer a free trial. However, we do understand wanting to try our products before you purchase a membership, so we have a bunch of materials that can be downloaded for free and use as a sample.

Here is how to find the free resources:

Go to this page.

Scroll down and you will find all the activity pages that include some kind of free activity. To find our free content on these pages just look for the green button that says ‘free download’. If you have selected an online game, and don’t have a paid membership, you will see a ‘play’ button under all games that are available to play for free.

Our members also have access to online games that don’t need to be downloaded, they can be played on our website in your internet browser. Some of these games are free to access without a membership, but most of our online games are only for our paying members.

To play the members-only online games you need to log into your account on our website then you can start playing the online games.

Obviously, you need internet access to play the online games.

These resources are perfect for individual Speech Language Pathologists who work with children. You need access to a computer and/or iPad to make the most of our resources. Our resources are great for teletherapists who can screen share in sessions and/or SLPs who do in-person sessions who have access to a computer or iPad. You will need full access to PowerPoint 2016 or newer to make the most of this membership.

  • This is a single use membership. Each paid membership is for one SLP. Please reach out to our support team if you want to buy a membership for multiple SLPs.
  • We do not attach specific grades or age levels to our resources.
  • We find that even grade level classes contain a full range of ability levels so we organize our content by theme, targeted skill and/or type.
  • We aim to add a differentiated range of activities for children aged 4-10 so there’s something for every ability range.
  • If you cannot see what you want please contact us so we can consider making it for you and our members!

The Simply Speaking Club is a yearly membership.

You pay a yearly membership fee to get access to ALL the resources you can see on this site, PLUS all new resources added (multiple added each month).

There are absolutely NO extra costs once you have paid your yearly membership fee!

  • There is NO charge for downloading the resources. You can download them as many times as you need, within reason of course!

Read our T’s&C’s for clarification on downloading limits.

Once you click the download button on a resource you will get instant access. The files will be downloaded straight onto your device, so there’s no email links sent to you.

If you cannot see the file the chances are that your computer has saved them to your ‘Downloads’ Folder by default.

This is a default setting for internet downloads on most computers. We do not have control over where your files save to when you download something. That is something that you set.

Try this shortcut if you can’t find your ‘Downloads Folder’

on a PC Press: CTRL+J

on a MAC: Command+J

Our files have been formatted to work on a computer running Mac or Windows. We cannot guarantee that our downloads will work on other operating systems. Please check that your operating system is up to date, or at least reasonably new.

Most of our downloads are PowerPoint files or PDF files. For our PowerPoint Files you will need PowerPoint 2016 or newer on your computer. For our PDFs we recommend you use need ADOBE Reader DC. Adobe reader is free and can be downloaded here.

Let’s talk through some possible reasons you may be having trouble. Below are some common issues that can be easily resolved. Please check that you have done the following.

  1. Please make sure you watch the included tutorial video/s. In my tutorial videos, I show step by step how to set up and use the activities. The tutorial videos will have been downloaded with the PowerPoint activities. They will be linked in a PDF. 
  1. Please ensure that you have removed the game file from the folder it was downloaded in. Most of my games are downloaded in a compressed folder. You need to drag the PowerPoint files out of that folder before opening them. On some computers, there may even be an ‘extract’ button. This is very important as some of my games have features that are disabled when in compressed in a folder. Please note that if you are on a Mac computer it may be hard to tell that it’s in a compressed folder, just drag it out anyway, even if your computer says it is de-compressed (it isn’t enough decompression). 
  1. Please ensure that the game has opened up in PowerPoint and not keynote or google slides. Please make sure it’s the desktop version of PowerPoint and not the web browser-based version. 
  1. Please make sure that your version of PowerPoint is compatible with the game you have download. Most of my PowerPoint activities need to be opened in PowerPoint 2016 or newer to work as intended.
  1. If it is a macro-enabled game, you MUST accept the content and give PowerPoint permission to run the macros. You also need to hit ‘enable editing’. Both of these messages will appear at the top of PowerPoint when you open the game, so that’s where you will hit the appropriate responses.
  1. If the activity is a computer-based macro enabled game with draggable pieces you need to open the game on your main monitor, you cant send it to a secondary monitor. If you do, the draggable pieces will just disappear when you click them.
  1. Please make sure that you have entered play mode. Most of my PowerPoint games open up as an editable-type file, to play them you need to enter presentation mode. You can do this by hitting f5 on your keyboard or going to the slideshow tab and hitting ‘from the beginning’. If the PowerPoint game you are using has drag and drop features (like game pieces etc) then you MUST enter play mode on the SAME screen you opened the PowerPoint on. This is important if you use 2 monitors for therapy.
  1. If you are on a computer and want to disable full screen mode on a PowerPoint you can do this by going to the slide show tab, then click set up slide show, then click the dot that is next to ‘browse in individual window’.
  1. If you have checked and resolved all these things, and it still doesn’t work, please download the game again, wait for it to fully finish downloading before opening the file, remove it from the compressed folder, follow my tips above and it should work fine. Some of the games with a lot going on in them can sometimes have download issues and this is outside of my control. But re-downloading the game often fixes that issue. 

I hope that these tips were helpful. If the included tutorial video, and these suggestions above, don’t resolve the issue, please feel free to email us at info@simplydigitalslp.com.

If you email us please be sure to reference that you have a membership with us at Simply Digital SLP.

If you want to use the digital downloads in teletherapy you need to:

  • Open the file in the appropriate software.
  • Share your screen (we recommend sharing your entire monitor, not just one window, so it is easy to know what the child can see).
  • Give mouse controls (if you are able to and if you want to, this is not necessary).

If you don’t know how to screen share or give mouse controls in your teletherapy platform then we recommend you google search how to do that. We can not provide tech support for teletherapy platforms because each one is different.

No, some of our downloads are editable, but not all of them! We outline on a activity’s info page if a file is editable or not.

If you are a paying member then the activities provided on this website can be shared with your caseload and their parents. THAT’S IT! If any other people or professionals want to use these activities then they need to purchase their own membership.


IF you share these materials with parents please make sure they abide by my terms of use. You would also need to make sure the parent/s have access to the software needed and understand how to open and play the games. Please don’t send them my tutorial video/s, as they are just for SLPs with a membership.

Yes! You are in full control of your payments and recurring subscriptions fees. You can cancel your membership or recurring payment yourself, at anytime at no extra cost. You will still get access to the resources for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Login to your account
  • Select Subscriptions
  • Click “Cancel”
It is the member’s responsibility to manage payments, cancellations & renewals Read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Yes we accept purchase orders.

Please note that we are not an American business and thus do not have a W9 to send. We are based in New Zealand

Please also note that we only accept credit card payments for invoice payments.

If you would like to submit a PO please fill in this form and send it to info@simplydigitalslp.com