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Gassy Grandma Online Speech Therapy Game

This Gassy Grandma Online Speech Therapy Game will have you and your students giggling in no time! This onlinee game is interactive and fun. Choose a food to feed to Granny then roll the dice to see how gassy that food made her. Press the fart button as many times shown on the dice. If granny farts on your turn you gain a point. The person with the least points at the end, wins.

You can use this game with or without the sentence strips. If I am playing open-ended I like to pair this type of game with digital flashcards, an articulation spinner or any digital speech card decks

Tips for using this game

  • To feed Granny you click and drag the fruit to her mouth.
  • Click the dice to roll it.
  • To reset the game hit the black and white refresh button. 
  • Track your points using the colored number tiles, you can use the eye symbols to delete the ones you don’t need. 
  • Use the arrow keys to move through the sentence strips. 
  • You can add and remove the sentence stips by using the tick and cross button on the left. 
  • To play on an iPad, open this page in safari then click the full-screen icon on the top right corner of the game window.
Click here to watch a tutorial video for games like this. 
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This game has been designed using resources from Freepik.com

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