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How to Play Uno in Teletherapy

I get asked this question a lot! So let’s look at how to play Uno in Teletherapy. Uno is a card game similar to crazy 8s that is played with a printed deck of cards. Each player has their own hand of cards which they keep concealed. This need to keep each hand a secret is what makes playing digitally difficult. Of course, it is also difficult because Uno is played with physical cards printed specifically for the game. So what can we do? 

How to play Uno in Teletherapy by Simply Speaking SLT


While we can’t play Uno in Teletherapy we can play something similar! If your students love playing Uno during in-person therapy, then I bet they will love this game I call ‘You Know!’. Watch the video below to learn more. Then scroll below the video to find the files and links you will need. 


Download the game file by hitting the download button below. You will need to upload this into the website. You will need to upload this file into playingcards.io. Please watch the video above to learn more. 

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