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Online Open-Ended Battleships Game for Speech Therapy

This is an online version of battleships. In the game, you are playing against the computer so I recommend you play this co-operatively with your students.  This is an open-ended game so I like to pair this type of game with digital flashcards, an articulation spinner or any digital speech card decks

Content Warning!

A digital version of battleships has been requested many times by our members and we understand why, the tabletop version is a lot of fun. Please note however that this digital version contains imagery and sounds often associated with war. This game may not be appropriate for all students. Please consider the needs of each student individually before playing this in speech therapy. Also, if you prefer to play without the sound effects just leave the audio off. This is controlled by a button in the top right. 

Access Password Required

This game is password protected.

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  • If you are a paying member of the Simply Speaking Club you can click here to see the game access password. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE YOUR LOG IN PASSWORD!
  • If you gained access to this content outside of this membership site, your password will be in the download you used to get here.

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