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Online Digital Pop Fidget Dice Game for Speech Therapy

This Online Digital Pop Fidget Dice Game for Speech Therapy can be used on most devices in your internet browser. You can use this in teletherapy by sharing your screen, or in person by opening the game on your device. 

How to Play
  • This is a 2 player game. 
  • This game is played online, here on this page, in the section below. 
  • Each player chooses a side to work from (left or right)
  • The aim of the game is to work your way from the outside up the rows to the middle. 
  • The first person to the middle wins. 
  • The dice can be rolled by clicking the ‘roll’ button. 
  • Player 1 rolls the dice, adds the rolled values, and then pops that many dots on their side of the fidget board (working from the most outside row first and working your way towards the middle). 
  • Player 2 then rolls the dice and does the same as player 1 did, but on their side of the fidget board. 

This is an open-ended game. You may want to pair this type of game with digital flashcards, an articulation spinner, or any of our digital speech card decks

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