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Snakes and Ladders Online Game for Speech Therapy

This Snakes and Ladders Online Game for Speech Therapy is interactive and fun! Select your players, choose your counter color and roll the dice. The game pieces will automatically move and the players can race to see who will be the first to the end!

How to Enter Fullscreen

On the front page of the game hit the button on the top right corner with the up arrow. 

How to Restart the Game at Level 1

Due to caching, once you open the levels the levels will remain open even if you refresh the page. To revert the game back to locked levels, you need to open this URL in an incognito tab in your browser. 

Use the Included Therapy Prompts

I have added therapy prompts for those that want to target their speech goals more specifically with this game. Just hit the ‘show therapy prompts’ button to toggle through your options. 

Therapy Tip

I like to pair this type of game with digital flashcards, an articulation spinner or any digital speech card decks

Access Password Required

This game is password protected.

  • If your SLP or teacher shared this link with you then they would have also given you the password. Put it in below.
  • If you are a paying member of the Simply Speaking Club you can click here to see the game access password. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE YOUR LOG IN PASSWORD!
  • If you gained access to this content outside of this membership site, your password will be in the download you used to get here.

Please enter the access password below:

This game has been designed using resources from Freepik.com

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