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Digital Speech Therapy Materials

Space Themed Interactive 100 Trials for Speech Therapy

An interactive PowerPoint to help you get 100 trials!

How to use:

  1. Enter presentation mode by clicking ‘from beginning’ or ‘from current slide’ on the slide show tab.
  2. Choose a character/spaceship to travel to their planet. You don’t need to click them, just decide.
  3. For speech goals click a star next to the character each time you say your speech sound/word. For other goals decide on a task to be completed before all 10 stars are then ticked off.
  4. Work your way along the row of stars and then when you get to the end one watch as the character/spaceship zooms to its planet.
  5. Continue down the slide until all characters/spaceships are on their planets.


  • This is an open-ended activity you can use along side speech cards or other therapy tasks.
  • There are 2 slides you can work through, each slide accounts for 50 productions.
  • Turn your sound on for the added sound effects.

Space interactive

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