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Joining the Simply Speaking Club will help you reduce the prep time and increase the fun!

As a member you gain instant access to hundreds of interactive and engaging digital speech therapy materials. Each activity has been designed by an experienced SLP. Our activities have been formulated to provide maximal student engagement while also allowing you to target your speech therapy goals.


Great for every SLP with access to technology!

Our digital materials can be used in teletherapy sessions or during tradition in-person sessions. All you need is a computer or iPad!

Play offline on your device or online in the browser!

Our activity library includes hundreds of digital downloads you can download to your device and use offline. We also have a bunch of fun internet browser-based speech games which you can open at anytime and play on your device. It’s the best of both worlds!

Save Time!

Most of our activates require little or no prep! Just watch the included tutorial video and you are ready to use the activity!

Save Paper!

No more printing, cutting and laminating! Just open these activities up on your device and you are ready to start therapy!

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Simply Speaking Club

$ 199 Year
  • Unlimited access to all our digital speech therapy games and activities.
  • Access to our library of digital downloads AND our browser-based online games.
  • Access to all digital games and activities that are added to our collection in the future. (Multiple activities will be added each month)
  • Access to tutorials for all games and activities
  • Access to the exclusive Simply Speaking Club community page.​​


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Read this section before you sign up! 

Software Needed: Many of our activities are interactive PowerPoint games. To get the most out of your membership it is recommended that you check you have access to the Windows or Mac computer-based version of PowerPoint 2016 or newer. Most of our materials are optimized to work in these newer versions of PowerPoint. The browser-based PowerPoint will not suffice, neither will the free read-only version of PowerPoint. Even if you plan to mostly use our games on your iPad, some of our PowerPoint games need to be edited on your computer before you send them to your iPad. 

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Important! Due to the nature of this membership, no refunds can be issued, so please make an informed decision! We have intentionally given prospective buyers a full view of all that’s included so they can feel confident in their purchase.